Estate Sales Service

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Antiques are our speciality
    The staff of Full Circle provides all of the
    necessary   knowledge required for the evaluation
    commitment is first and foremost to you, the
    owner, and our pledge is to provide you with a
    professionally organized estate sale and to market
    and sell your personal property and to obtain the
    maximum dollar value.

    Full Circle keeps the Estate Sale Venue simple. We
    are there for you and you alone. Furthermore our
    staff will provide the necessary off site research in
    specialized antiques and the art fields at this most
    critical time to realize the highest possible prices.
    Our staff has expertise in silver, paintings and
    prints, oriental objects of art both Japanese and
    Chinese, watches and clocks and antique furniture.
    We will bring in other experts if necessary to
    evaluate an automobile or boat or rug at no cost to

    Living in a small town like Sonoma, benefits and
    challenges tend to come wrapped up together in the
    same package. Over the years we have built our
    business by serving both the public and professional
    trades with the same courteous and friendly
    manner. We cherish our repeat customers and we
    have respected the business brought to us through
    local attorneys and realtors. I believe that you will
    find that each and everyone of our staff maintains
    that same credo.